1.5 Prerequisites/Preconditions

The File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) Protocol is implemented over DCOM and RPC and has the prerequisites specified in [MS-DCOM], [MS-OAUT], and [MS-RPCE] that are common to DCOM, DCOM "automation", and RPC interfaces.

The FSRM protocol assumes that a client has obtained the name of a server that supports this protocol suite before the protocol is invoked. This name can be obtained using any implementation-specific method. This protocol also assumes that the client has sufficient security privileges to configure FSRM objects on the server.

An operating system on which an implementation of this protocol runs is required to support the dynamic enumeration of directory quotas, file screens, and report jobs that are configured on the server at run time. See sections,,, and, for more information about these requirements.

The FSRM protocol classification functionality relies on COM servers that implement the functionality for classification modules (section and storage modules (section As a prerequisite for using these modules within FSRM, the necessary COM servers are required to be deployed and registered with the COM infrastructure.<4> See section for more information about this requirement.