3 Examples

The Group Policy server allows clients to discover and retrieve policy settings created by domain administrators. Policy settings are directives that administrators issue to control client behaviors. These behaviors are defined by user policy settings and computer policy settings.

This section contains examples that further elaborate the Group Policy concepts that are described in this document, to provide a basis for practical understanding and implementation of the Group Policy server. Message flow diagrams are included to illustrate the flow of communication as certain events occur.

The examples demonstrate the Group Policy server system architecture in the context of various scenarios. The functionalities illustrated in these scenarios exemplify some of the purposes of the Group Policy server:

  • Processing Group Policy events.

  • Applying policy via the Group Policy client.

  • Populating the Administrative tool with configuration data.

  • Authoring new policies.

  • Connecting the Administrative tool to a Group Policy server resulting in failure.

  • Querying Active Directory for SOM and version information.

  • Applying policy via the Group Policy client resulting in failure to connect to the Group Policy server.