This section captures the common validation rules for a collection of CustomFieldValue data. The rest of the section assumes the custom field values to be validated are passed in as a parameter values, which is a collection of data in the form of CustomFieldValue.

For each CustomFieldValue in the values collection, the following requirements have to be satisfied for the data to be valid.

  1. CustomFieldValue.ParentCustomFieldId MUST NOT be 0.

  2. Lookup the ADM_CustomFieldsTable to validate that a row exists with record identifier value equal to CustomFieldValue.ParentCustomFieldId. A row MUST exist.

  3. If the Type of the custom field entry retrieved above is Multivalued, lookup the ADM_CustomFieldValuesTable for an entry with the specified custom field record identifier having CustomFieldValue.ParentCustomFieldId and Value of CustomFieldValueDetails having the CustomFieldValue.Value. A matching row MUST exist.