The GetCustomerAddressSpacesByProviderAddressSpaceRecordId procedure is used to retrieve all the CustomerAddressSpace records in the table that map to a specific ProviderAddressSpace.

The following input parameter is used.

Param_ProviderAddressSpaceRecordId: This parameter is a signed 64-bit integer and represents the RecordId of the ProviderAddressSpace for which all the mapping CustomerAddressSpaces need to be retrieved.

The following is the output parameter from this procedure.

Result_CustomerAddressSpaces: This is a collection of instances of type CustomerAddressSpace.

The following processing steps are done against the data store:

  1. Look-up the all the rows in the ADM_AddressSpaceTable with AddressSpaceType as CustomerAddressSpace and ProviderAddressSpaceRecordId as Param_ProviderAddressSpaceRecordId. If there are no rows that meet this criterion, return NULL. 

  2. For each row that is retrieved, perform the following operation:

  3. Call GetAddressSpaceById procedure of ADM_AddressSpaceTable with Param_AddressSpaceId set to RecordId of the row. 

  4. Add this tuple to the Result_CustomerAddressSpaces collection.

  5. Return the Result_CustomerAddressSpaces from the procedure.