The AddressSpaceEnumerationParameters processing is done when the EnumInputParameters contains data of type AddressSpaceEnumerationParameters. The ObjectType MUST be EnumerationObjectType.AddressSpace. This is used to enumerate all the address spaces of the type AddressSpaceEnumerationParameters.AddressSpaceType.

The following steps are used to identify the rows to be returned as a part of the enumeration: 

  1. Call the procedure GetAllAddressSpaceNames from ADM_AddressSpaceTable by passing AddressSpaceEnumerationParameters.AddressSpaceType as Param_AddressSpaceType.

  2. For each tuple in Result_AddressSpaceNames, call GetAddressSpaceById from ADM_AddressSpaceTable with Param_AddressSpaceId as AddressSpaceRecordId field of the tuple.

  3. The Result_AddressSpace will form the set of AddressSpace objects that have to be returned as EnumOutputData.