The StartAsyncProvisioning operation is invoked by the client to trigger the start of the provisioning. This causes the session state to be set to Enumeration Started.

 <wsdl:operation msc:isInitiating="true" msc:isTerminating="false" name="StartAsyncProvisioning">
   <wsdl:input wsaw:Action="http://Microsoft.Windows.Ipam/IIpamAsyncProvision/StartAsyncProvisioning" message="ipam:IIpamAsyncProvision_StartAsyncProvisioning_InputMessage" />

Upon receiving the IIpamAsyncProvision_StartAsyncProvisioning_InputMessage request message, the server MUST invoke the NotifyAsyncProvisionStart operation. The following processing steps are then invoked to provision the IPAM data store. If the processing steps take longer than the lower layer session timeout values, the implementation MUST send checkpoint updates to the management client by invoking the NotifyAsyncProvisionCheckpoint callback operation. If a fault is generated in any of the steps following, the NotifyAsyncProvisionComplete callback operation MUST be called specifying NotifyAsyncProvisionComplete.exception set to the fault information. The session state will be set to Provisioning Completed when a fault is encountered:

  1. If ADM_IsIPAMProvisioningInProgress is set to TRUE, return an appropriate SOAP fault as there is already a session which has triggered the provisioning.

  2. If ADM_IsIPAMConfigured is FALSE, perform the following steps:

  3. Setup the IPAM data store ADM_IPAMDataStore in an implementation specific manner. Where applicable as described in the ADM section, initialize the tables with the default values as well.

  4. Setup the ADM_IPAMSecurityGroups in an implementation specific manner.

  5. If the provisioning has been completed successfully, Set ADM_IsIPAMConfigured to TRUE.

  6. If any fault were encountered as a part of the provisioning steps, Set NotifyAsyncProvisionComplete.exception to the fault information.

  7. Set session state to Provisioning Completed.

  8. Set the current date and time to ADM_CommonProperties.IpamConfiguredDate.

  9. Set ADM_IsIPAMProvisioningInProgress to FALSE.