Start (Opnum 62)

The Start method manually starts the data collector set.

   [in] VARIANT_BOOL Synchronous

Synchronous:  Supplies a Boolean indicating whether the start operation MUST be synchronous or asynchronous. In asynchronous mode, the method returns after queuing or failing to queue the data collector set start. The HRESULT returned from the Start function only specifies whether the queuing operation failed or succeeded. If the queuing operation succeeded, (S_OK) is returned even if the data collector set did not start. The only method for detecting that the asynchronous start failed is to poll the Status property to check if the data collector set is still running. In synchronous mode, the method returns when the data collector set actually starts, and the HRESULT only returns (S_OK) if the data collector set started successfully.

Return Values: This method MUST return an HRESULT with the severity bit clear on success as specified in [MS-ERREF]; otherwise, it MUST return one of the errors as defined in 2.2.1 or one of the errors as defined in [MS-ERREF] section 2.1.