Sending a Wave2 PDU

The structure and fields of the Wave2 PDU are specified in section

The BodySize field of the RDPSND PDU Header of this PDU MUST be set to the size of the PDU minus the size of the Header.

The cBlockNo field MUST be one more than the cBlockNo field of the last audio sample sent. If the value of the last cBlockNo was 255, the value of cBlockNo for this PDU MUST be 0. If this is the first audio sample sent, the cBlockNo field MUST be one more than the cLastBlockConfirmed field of the Server Audio Formats and Version PDU sent by the server to the client.

The wFormatNo field is an index into the list of formats sent by the client in the Client Audio Formats and Version PDU. A value of i means that the format of the audio data is the ith format of that list.

This PDU MUST be sent over virtual channels.