Closing a DVC (DYNVC_CLOSE)

The closure of a channel can be requested by either an application running on the TS server or a listener running on the TS client. A DYNVC_CLOSE (section 2.2.4) PDU is used for both a close request and a close response.

The DVC server manager sends a DYNVC_CLOSE (section 2.2.4) PDU (specifying the ChannelId to close) to the DVC client manager. The client replies with a DYNVC_CLOSE (section 2.2.4) PDU.

When a DVC client manager initiates a channel-close, it sends an unsolicited DYNVC_CLOSE (section 2.2.4) PDU specifying the ChannelId to the server. The server does not respond to the DYNVC_CLOSE (section 2.2.4) PDU.

Upon closing the channel, the DVC server manager MAY reuse the ChannelId in the next DVC Create Request PDU (section