The LocateCardsByATRW_Call structure returns information concerning the status of the smart card of interest (ATR).

 typedef struct _LocateCardsByATRW_Call {
   [range(0, 1000)] unsigned long cAtrs;
   [size_is(cAtrs)] LocateCards_ATRMask* rgAtrMasks;
   [range(0,10)] unsigned long cReaders;
   [size_is(cReaders)] ReaderStateW* rgReaderStates;
 } LocateCardsByATRW_Call;

Context: A valid context, as specified in section

cAtrs: The number of bytes in the rgAtrMasks field.

rgAtrMasks: An array of ATRs to match against currently inserted cards.

cReaders: The number of elements in the rgReaderStates field.

rgReaderStates: The states of the readers that the application is monitoring. The states reflects what the application believes is the current states of the readers and might differ from the actual states.