The SERVER_INFO_102 structure contains information about the specified server, including the name, platform, and type of server, attributes, and associated software. For information about the fields in this structure, see the description for the SERVER_INFO_103 structure (sv102_xxx denotes the same information as sv103_xxx).

 typedef struct _SERVER_INFO_102 {
   DWORD sv102_platform_id;
   [string] wchar_t* sv102_name;
   DWORD sv102_version_major;
   DWORD sv102_version_minor;
   DWORD sv102_type;
   [string] wchar_t* sv102_comment;
   DWORD sv102_users;
   long sv102_disc;
   int sv102_hidden;
   DWORD sv102_announce;
   DWORD sv102_anndelta;
   DWORD sv102_licenses;
   [string] wchar_t* sv102_userpath;