The TSG_PACKET_QUARREQUEST structure<14> contains information about the RDG client's statement of health (SoH) and the name of the RDG client machine. The value of the packetId field in TSG_PACKET MUST be set to TSG_PACKET_TYPE_QUARREQUEST.

 typedef struct _TSG_PACKET_QUARREQUEST {
   unsigned long flags;
   [string, size_is(nameLength)] wchar_t* machineName;
   [range(0, 512 + 1)] unsigned long nameLength;
   [unique, size_is(dataLen)] byte* data;
   [range(0, 8000)] unsigned long dataLen;

flags: This field can be any value when sending and ignored on receipt.

machineName: A string representing the name of the RDG Client Machine name (section 3.5.1).<15> This field can be ignored. The length of the name, including the terminating null character, MUST be equal to the size specified by the nameLength field.

nameLength: An unsigned long specifying the number of characters in machineName, including the terminating null character. The specified value MUST be in the range from 0 to 513 characters.

data: An array of bytes that specifies the statement of health prepended with nonce, which is obtained in TSG_PACKET_QUARENC_RESPONSE (section from the RDG server in response to TsProxyCreateTunnel.<16> This field can be ignored. The length of this data is specified by the dataLen field.

dataLen: The length, in bytes, of the data field. This value MUST be in the range between 0 and 8000, both inclusive.