The RCM_REMOTEADDRESS structure defines a remote address.

 typedef struct {
   USHORT sin_family;
   union switch (USHORT sin_family) {
     case 2: struct {
       USHORT sin_port;
       ULONG in_addr;
       UCHAR sin_zero[8];
     } ipv4;
     case 23: struct {
       USHORT sin6_port;
       ULONG sin6_flowinfo;
       USHORT sin6_addr[8];
       ULONG sin6_scope_id;
     } ipv6;

sin_family: Specifies the type of IP address. Valid values are 2 for IPv4 addresses, and 23 for IPv6 addresses.

ipv4: IPv4 address. For more information, see [MSDN-TDIADDRESS].

sin_port: Specifies a TCP or UDP port number.

in_addr: Indicates the IP address.

sin_zero: An array filled with zeros.

ipv6: IPv6 address.

sin6_port: Specifies a TCP or UDP port number.

sin6_flowinfo: IPv6 flow information.

sin6_addr: Indicates the IP address.

sin6_scope_id: Set of interfaces for a scope. For more information about these interfaces, see [MSDN-SOCKADDR_IN6].