The VDS_VOLUME_PLEX_TYPE enumeration defines the set of valid types for a volume plex.

 typedef enum _VDS_VOLUME_PLEX_TYPE
   VDS_VPT_UNKNOWN = 0x00000000,
   VDS_VPT_SIMPLE = 0x0000000A,
   VDS_VPT_SPAN = 0x0000000B,
   VDS_VPT_STRIPE = 0x0000000C,
   VDS_VPT_PARITY = 0x0000000E

VDS_VPT_UNKNOWN:  The volume plex type is unknown.

VDS_VPT_SIMPLE:  The plex type is simple; it is composed of extents from exactly one disk.

VDS_VPT_SPAN:  The plex type is spanned; it is composed of extents from more than one disk.

VDS_VPT_STRIPE:  The plex type is striped, which is equivalent to RAID-0.

VDS_VPT_PARITY:  The plex type is striped with parity, which accounts for RAID levels 3, 4, 5, and 6.