IVdsService::Refresh (Opnum 13)

The Refresh method refreshes the ownership and layout of disks on the server.

 HRESULT Refresh();

This method has no parameters.

Return Values: The method MUST return zero or a non-error HRESULT (as specified in [MS-ERREF]) to indicate success, or return an implementation-specific nonzero error code to indicate failure. For the HRESULT values predefined by the Virtual Disk Service Remote Protocol, see section 2.2.3.

When the server receives this message, it MUST requery the list of storage devices from the operating system, refresh its list of storage management objects based on the result of the requery, and return an HRESULT indicating failure or success.

 Result of requery

 Action server MUST take

New pack found

Add pack to list; see section

New disk found

Add disk to list; see section

New volume found

Add volume to list; see section

Pack currently in list not found

Remove pack from list; see section

Disk currently in list not found

Remove disk from list; see section

Volume currently in list not found

Remove volume from list; see section