Getting Unattended Instructions for Deployment Agent

The client MUST query the server for unattended instructions for the deployment agent using the WDS_OP_GET_CLIENT_UNATTEND opcode (section 2.2.3).

The client MUST set UnattendFlags (section to the value of the FLAGS variable in the reply packet.

If UnattendFlags specifies the WdsCliClientUnattendPresent flag, the client MUST set DeploymentAgentUnattend (section to the value of the CLIENT_UNATTEND variable.

The client MUST log the status message as follows if allowed by LogLevel (section

  • If the client has been provided unattended instructions, it MUST log a WDS_LOG_TYPE_CLIENT_UNATTEND_MODE status message.

  • The client MAY log the same status message when no unattended instructions are provided.<45>