Request to Retrieve Caching Information

This event can occur when the application is a caching proxy server. The event can occur if the higher layer wants to check if content is available, and if it can be cached, but does not necessarily want to stream it.

The higher layer MUST provide the URL that will be used in the request.

If the Client-Initialization-Status does not equal 1, then this will be the first request that is sent by the client, the client MUST perform the initialization of the protocol as specified in section 3.1.3.

The client MUST then establish a TCP connection to the server by using the IP address and port number obtained by parsing the URL.

If the value of the Client-Token variable in the abstract data model is not "WMCacheProxy", the client MUST send a Describe request (section

Otherwise, the client MUST send a GetContentInfo request to the server.

The GetContentInfo request MUST adhere to the syntax specified in section

The message body of the GetContentInfo request SHOULD consist of only one byte, which SHOULD be chosen arbitrarily.

In addition, the common processing steps specified in section MUST be followed when sending the GetContentInfo request.

After having sent the request, the client MUST process the rulesĀ  in section