GetPolicyInfo (Opnum 7)

The GetPolicyInfo method gets one or more specified resource allocation policies (RAP).

 [id(1), helpstring("method GetPolicyInfo")] HRESULT GetPolicyInfo(
   [in] BSTR bstrPolicyName,
   [out] BSTR* pbstrPolicyInfo

bstrPolicyName: The name of the policy to get. If the string value is "\", this method returns a list of all allocation policies.

If this parameter is NULL, E_INVALIDARG MUST be returned.

pbstrPolicyInfo: A pointer to a string that returns the policy specified by bstrPolicyName, in the form of a Policy element (section For an example, see the Policy example (section 4.2.19).

If pbstrPolicyName is "\", all policies MUST be returned, in the form of a PolicyCollection element (section

Return Values: This method returns 0x00000000 for success or a negative HRESULT value (in the following table or in [MS-ERREF] section 2.1.1) if an error occurs.

Return value/code




Operation successful.



One or more arguments are invalid.



The specified RAP does not exist.

Additional IWRMPolicy interface methods are specified in section