3.2 Resource Server Details

This section describes the server behavior of the IMDA protocol extensions as they apply to WS-Transfer's [WXFR] Resource port type. In WS-Transfer, this port type is used to process three WSDL operations:

  • Get

  • Put

  • Delete

IMDA defines new SOAP messages for the first two operations, which can be used to request that the Get and Put operations be performed at the level of granularity of identity attributes and their values, rather than at the level of the entire identity object (as provided for by unextended WS-Transfer). The Delete operation, on the other hand, always operates at the level of granularity of an identity object level. It is included in this section because IMDA specifies additional SOAP faults (beyond those defined in WS-Transfer) that can be used by a server to respond to a Delete operation.

Each of these operations is performed against a single identity object specified in the request. This identity object is called the target of the operation. The target of the operation SHOULD be specified by one or more SOAP headers. The choice of these SOAP headers and how they specify the target of the operation is not defined by the IMDA protocol extensions but rather by the service that employs the IMDA extensions.<30>