RequestedTargetGroupNames Attribute

If this attribute is present, it specifies a list of target group names. A computer MUST be included in the results of a search, if that computer has requested to be associated with one of the target groups specified. If the attributes value is empty or NULL, or the attribute is absent, no filtering MUST be done based on the computer’s requested target group name.

The list of allowable requested target groups is defined as a string of an XML fragment:

 '<root><RequestedTargetGroup Name="Target Group Name" />...</root>'

Because this is an attribute, the XML fragment has to be escaped, for example:

 RequestedTargetGroupNames = "&lt;root&gt;&lt;RequestedTargetGroup Name=&quot;Target Group Name&quot;&gt;&lt;/RequestedTargetGroup&gt;…&lt;/root&gt;" 

Note that this is not filtering based on which target groups the computer belongs to. Rather, it is filtering based on what target group names the computer has claimed to belong. The names cannot correspond to any real target group.