Transition customers to Azure plan from existing CSP Azure offers

Applies to: Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Admin agent | Billing admin | Global admin | Helpdesk agent | Sales agent | User management admin

This article explains how you can use Partner Center to move customers from existing CSP Azure offers to Azure services under the Azure plan. Indirect providers and direct bill partners can transition to the new commerce experience available in the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider Program (CSP) for Azure. (Indirect resellers will need to work through their indirect providers.) Customers will have a streamlined way to buy cloud services, whether purchasing from partners, from Microsoft sellers, or directly on the web.

The transition capability is only for customers transitioning to the new commerce experience for Azure and who have signed the Microsoft Customer Agreement. It is not for other offers in CSP such as Office 365 or Dynamics 365.

Transition existing CSP offers to an Azure plan

You can transition a customer from their existing CSP Azure offers to Azure services under the Azure plan in the new commerce experience in the CSP program from within Partner Center. To do this, the partner and customer must have an established reseller relationship through Partner Center, and the customer must have signed the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

Select transition to Azure plan

  1. Select Azure plan for your customer.

  2. Select Transition billing to Azure plan.

    Screenshot showing usage-based subscriptions report information with a selectable option called: Transition Azure subscription billing to Azure plan.

  3. Select Continue.

    Dialog box titled Transition to Azure plan with implications to read about the transition and two options to select, Continue or Cancel.

    Your customer will be transitioned to the Azure plan.

    The transition workflow automates the prerequisite steps:

    • Purchase of Azure plans
    • One plan per customer in Direct CSP scenarios
    • One plan per reseller

    For an example, a partner has purchased two Microsoft Azure offers and has included two distinct POR in the purchase. In this case, the transition workflow will purchase two Azure plans (one per reseller) and map the respective Azure subscriptions under the Azure plans automatically.

    After your purchase of Azure plans, our system will map the existing Azure subscriptions to the Azure plans. The progress can be viewed in the Azure portal as well as in Partner center.

    Note: Once the partner transitions to Azure plan, if they call the Get Subscriptions API, they will only get the Azure plan as part of the subscriptions response, not the individual Azure subscriptions under the Azure plan.

  4. Return to your customer's Partner Center Subscriptions page to update their budget limit using their local currency.

    Partial view of Partner Center Subscriptions page with budget limits set in local currency for a billing period.


    The budget you set in Partner Center doesn't carry over to the Azure portal. You should also set the budget and alert in the Azure portal.

    When you move to the Azure plan, you can no longer purchase Azure subscriptions for this customer. You create the subscriptions under the Azure plan in the Azure portal.


    All Azure subscriptions purchased through RBAC under the Azure plan will be priced and billed in local currency. FX rates will not be used.

Track your transition details

Follow the transition progress in the Azure portal as well as in Partner Center.

Screenshot showing table with list of transition details per subscription - includes subscription I D, transition date, and transition status.

Billing impact to partners

If you transition a customer from an existing Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Azure offer, you will have the following billing impacts:

  • You will be billed on your existing CSP invoice for all usage up to the point of exiting the original CSP Azure subscription.

  • If you had admin access rights to the existing CSP subscription, you will continue to have access when that subscription is migrated.

To transition direct Enterprise Agreements to CSP and Server and Cloud enrollments to Azure services, read Get billing ownership of Azure subscriptions for Microsoft Partner Agreement

Audit log

To reconcile billing, view your history of "Microsoft Azure" (0145P) subscriptions on the Subscriptions page.

"Microsoft Azure" (0145P) subscription is composed of two parts:

  1. Commerce subscription
  2. Azure subscription (entitlement)

When the transition is complete, the Azure subscription is moved under new Azure plan and the commerce subscription is suspended so that no further usage is reported.


When Microsoft Azure (0145P) subscription is purchased in CSP, both the commerce subscription and the Azure subscription (entitlement) have the same value. It is only in the case of billing ownership changes or transfers do the values differ.

Transition issues

We don't anticipate any issues during transitions. If one occurs, we will update you in the transition workflow itself. There won't be disturbances to Azure usage.

Next steps