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Applies to: Partner Center | Partner Center operated by 21Vianet | Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

The Partner Center SDK includes a managed API and a REST API for partners to use to manage customer, subscription, and order data.

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Download the Partner Center SDK


API access to Partner Center for indirect resellers isn't a supported scenario.

Determine your version of Partner Center

Some versions of Partner Center do not have the entire SDK available. For more information, see Developing for Partner Center for Microsoft National Cloud.

Get the samples

For more information about C# snippets, REST samples, and the sample app, see Partner Center samples.

Test vs. production

While you are initially writing and testing your code, you should use your integration sandbox account (and the corresponding tokens) so that you don't accidentally incur new charges that your company is responsible for paying. For more information about this testing environment, see Set up API access in Partner Center.

When your solution is tested and ready to use on real customer accounts, you'll have to update your tokens so that you're using an Azure AD client app and secret that correspond to your Primary Partner Center account.

For tips and suggestions about testing and debugging, including more information about Test-in-Production (TiP) and the Integration Sandbox, see Test and debug.

Configure your authentication

To configure your Azure AD authentication so that you can use the Partner Center APIs, see Partner Center authentication.


Microsoft is introducing a secure, scalable framework for authenticating cloud solution provider (CSP) partners and control panel vendors (CPV) through the Microsoft Azure multi-factor authentication (MFA) architecture. Partner Center uses Azure AD for authentication, and to use the Partner Center APIs you must configure your authentication settings correctly.

For more information, see Enable secure application model.

Get help

Partners can get support at the Partner Center SDK Yammer group. To get more personalized help, developers can use their MPN support benefits or Premier Support.

Join the Partner Center API and SDK Early Adopter Program

To find out how you can collaborate with Microsoft on the development of Partner features and capabilities, see Join the Partner Center API and SDK Early Adopter Program.