Find your role, your permissions, and your global admin

Appropriate roles: All Partner Center users

Find the role you've been assigned

If your global admin hasn't told you, you can find out what role you have in Partner Center by doing the following:

  1. Sign into Partner Center dashboard.

  2. Select the Account settings icon and then select My profile.

  3. Select the Roles and permissions tab. You will see your roles and permissions.


If you don't see a program when you sign in, it usually means you don't have the correct permissions to work in that program. So, for example, if you don't see the Incentives page when you sign in, you don't have Incentives permissions. Your global admin can give you needed permissions.

Find your global admin

Sometimes a user might need to have their role changed or a new user may want a specific role assignment.

To find a global admin who can make role changes or assign roles to a new user:

  1. From the Account settings icon at the top right of the Partner Center, select User management.

  2. Filter on global admin

  3. You can also go to My profile, select Roles and permissions and see a list of the different admins who can help you elevate your permissions.

Get a new global admin assigned to your company

If your global admin leaves the company, someone else will need to fill this role. Submit a ticket to either the Azure or Office 365 team. For information on how to do this, select one of the options below.

New global admin for Azure

New global admin for Office 365