Determine your incentives program eligibility

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Incentives admin

Each Incentives program has certain requirements for eligibility. These program eligibility requirements are designed to ensure that you have all of the appropriate agreements signed, competencies earned, revenue forecast, and other necessary prerequisites for your Incentives program to succeed.

Determining your program eligibility

You can find the specific eligibility requirements for your program in the program guide.

To see your program guide


To learn more about the workspaces interface, see Getting around Partner Center.

  1. Sign into the Partner Center dashboard.

  2. Select the Incentives tile.

  3. Select the program you want.

  4. In the Status field, select Eligibility requirements.

    Screenshot is an example of incentives requirements.

  5. Complete all the areas that are unchecked in order to fulfill eligibility. Each incentives program has its own set of requirements.

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