Get started with programmatic access to analytics data

This guide helps you get started to use programmatic access to Partner Insights Analytics data. You'll learn how to programmatically access analytic reports to monitor revenue, ACR, evaluate performance and intelligent insights to improve profitability. The improved analytics tools enable you to act on performance results and maintain better relationships with your customers and resellers.

By using the methods and APIs documented in this guide, you can schedule custom reports and ingest key data sets into your internal analytics systems.

The API for accessing partner insights reports enables you to schedule custom reports of your analytics data asynchronously. The capability enables you to define reporting queries/templates based on your needs, set a schedule, and get timely and trustworthy reports at scheduled intervals.

The key value of programmatic access of partner insights analytics data is customized reporting and integration with internal BI systems and platforms.


Partners will need dedicated engineering resources to do one time onboarding on the API interface.

Next steps

Prerequisites to programmatically access analytics data