Information about Microsoft silver and gold competencies and advanced specializations

Appropriate roles

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Demonstrate your proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in one or more specialized areas of business. Microsoft competencies are designed to prepare you to meet your customers' needs, and to help you attract new customers who are looking for Microsoft-certified solution providers. Join the elite tier of Microsoft partners and stand out from your peers.

  • Earn a Silver membership to demonstrate your consistent capability, expertise, and commitment

  • Earn a Gold membership to demonstrate your best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area

  • As a gold partner member, you can add advanced specializations to your portfolio, too.

Earning Silver membership or Gold membership competencies also unlocks powerful Go-To-Market offers and programs to help you expand and grow your business.

Check your status as you earn a competency

You can see requirements and what your company has achieved from the competency area of your Partner Center dashboard.

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center dashboard.

  2. Under the MPN section on the Partner Center menu, select Competencies.

  3. Select the competency name and specific competency option to view details. You can see what you have completed and you can also see the full requirements and links to the specific exams and retired exam validation dates.

Competency areas

To acquire silver or gold membership, you are asked to demonstrate expertise in various areas of business and technology.

Area Subareas
Applications and Infrastructure Application development; App integration; Cloud platform;devops; datacenter
Business applications Cloud business applications; Enterprise resource planning; Cloud customer relationship manager
Data and AI Data analytics; data platform
Modern workplace Collaboration and content; communications, cloud productivity;enterprise mobility management; messaging; project and portfolio; security; small and midmarket cloud solutions; windows and devices

Silver and gold competency levels have different requirements for each of the areas. Within each area are classes and exams that employees in your company can take to achieve the competency level you want.

Learn about what's required to earn Silver and Gold membership

Learn about specific Go-to-market benefits available to Silver and Gold memberships

Learn about invoices and taxes for competencies

Advanced specializations

Go beyond your gold competency with an advanced specialization. These provide a means for you to showcase proven, verifiable expertise in a product, solution area, or service. Customers will be able to see both your Gold competency and your advanced specialization in your business profile on the partner directory. To receive an advanced specialization tag, your business must fully meet a set of published criteria and be validated by Microsoft. Learn more.

The current advanced specializations

  • SAP on Azure Partners who demonstrate deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in implementing SAP on Azure solutions may seek the SAP on Azure Advanced Specialization.

  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Partner has a depth of knowledge to provide guidance on the various SQL migration options within Azure, and demonstrates expertise in migrating and optimizing Windows Server and SQL Server-based workloads to Microsoft Azure.

  • Linux and Open Source Database Migration to Microsoft Azure Partner is highly knowledgeable in open source technologies and demonstrates expertise in migrating and optimizing production workloads running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SUSE virtual machines and/or MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CassandraDB, MongoDB databases to Azure.

  • Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure Partner has experience in successfully migrating data warehouses from Teradata, Netezza, or Oracle Exadata to Azure and demonstrates expertise in analyzing existing workloads, generating schema models and performing extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations to migrate data to cloud-based data warehouses.

  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Partner employs DevOps practices for AKS implementations and demonstrates expertise in deploying and managing production workloads in the cloud using containers and managing hosted Kubernetes environments in Microsoft Azure. Modernization of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure Partner ensures customer success in application development, and familiarity with content management systems. Demonstrate expertise in migrating and deploying production web application workloads, applying DevOps practices, and managing application services in Microsoft Azure.