Sell Minecraft: Education Edition subscriptions to education customers

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Partners who work with education institutions can offer Minecraft: Education Edition subscriptions to them through a combination of Partner Center and Microsoft Store for Business. Partners will need to be authorized as both a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and an Authorized Education Partner (AEP) to access Education SKUs through CSP. All partners in this program must offer Academic Licenses only to Qualified Educational Users (QEUs).

Purchase through Partner Center portal

You purchase Minecraft: Education Edition for your education customer through the Partner Center portal:

  1. In Partner Center, create or select your education customer’s account and go to the Education tab when adding a new subscription. Select the Minecraft: Education Edition subscription and purchase the number of licenses the customer needs. The Minecraft: Education Edition subscription will look the same as other existing Education offers in CSP today. See Create a new subscription to learn how to add the subscription. These licenses appear in Partner Center and will also appear in the education customer’s Microsoft Education Store inventory under the Minecraft details page (you must be logged into the Education Store to see the details page).

  2. Your education customer will install the Minecraft app, assign the app to others, and download the app for distribution through the Microsoft Education Store Minecraft details page.

    a. The school’s IT admin accepts the Microsoft Store for Business services agreement if they haven’t already.

    b. The admin goes to the Minecraft details page to download the app and distribute the app to users. For detailed instructions, see For IT administrators - get Minecraft: Education Edition: Distribute Minecraft.

    If the school’s IT admin is not familiar with Microsoft Store for Business, direct them to Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education overview.

Special pricing for education offers

Microsoft provides special, reduced pricing for select groups of customers, such as for education, non-profit, and government uses, or for very large customer sets. Resellers must be certified before they can access this pricing. The customer must also qualify for the special price.

Check your reseller qualifications

  1. From the top right of the Dashboard select Settings and then select View all settings.
  2. In your Partner profile, in the CSP program info section, look for Reseller qualifications.
  3. If you do not see Reseller qualifications, you have not yet been authorized to purchase any special offers.

Check the customer qualifications

  1. From the Dashboard menu, select Customers. Choose the customer from the list.
  2. In the customer menu, select Account. In the Company info section, look for Special qualifications.
  3. If Special qualifications is set to None, but the customer does in fact meet the qualifications, you can Update their details to include them.

Access education offers

To get access to the education offers in CSP, become an Authorized Education Partner(AEP).

Purchase offers at education pricing

  1. You must be an Authorized Education Partner. The customer must meet the definition for your market of a Qualified Educational User.
  2. Follow the standard steps to Create a new subscription. However, when you select the offer from the catalog, choose it from the Education tab.