Use Partner Center to enroll as a Microsoft Learning Partner

Appropriate roles: MPN partner admin | Account admin

This article describes the various ways a partner in the Microsoft Partner Network can enroll in the Learning Partner program.

Success in the Learning Partner Program is measured by key performance indicators (KPIs) that are designed to reward Learning partners when they complete certain Microsoft training. KPIs are tracked based on partner purchases of qualifying Official Microsoft Learning Products (OMLP) from the Courseware Marketplace.

Partners can use Partner Center to enroll in the Learning Partner program. They do so through the Learning Option found under the Microsoft Action Pack subscription or under the Learning Option associated with certain silver or gold competencies.

This process is fully automated in Partner Center and no longer requires a business application as it used to do in Partner Membership Center.

When enrolling in the Learning Partner Program, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Learning Partner Program KPI requirements are subject to change annually.

  • Learning KPIs must be met in Partner Center starting the first year of enrollment.

  • Resources for new partners: If you are a new partner interested in attaining a competency under the Learning option, you can learn more about the process with the Learning option asset collection.


Microsoft is offering competency extension (with the exception of the Cloud Business Applications competency) and advanced specialization extension for partners with anniversary dates (AD) between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021. Please review our partner blog post for more information.

To stay up to date with Learning program announcements, be sure to read our blog and check out our Learning Partner Yammer page. You can also find program documents and monthly community call recordings on our Learning Resources page.

Enroll with the Learning Action Pack

Learning Action Pack is the base-level entry into the Learning Partner program. If you're new to the Learning line of business and your organization hasn't done any Microsoft Courseware training before, Microsoft gives you this opportunity to enroll as a Microsoft Learning Partner. You just need to purchase the Learning Action Pack.

Learning Action Pack supports partners who want to provide training services, offers or discounts on courseware marketplace, and benefits to help partners become experts across various Microsoft product lines.

Non-Learning partners can purchase courseware at full price for internal training only. If you want to deliver the content outside of your organization, you need one Microsoft Certified Trainer (one MCT) and will have to sign up for the Learning Action Pack.

Once you reach the required KPIs, you can then complete the additional requirements and have the choice to upgrade to a Silver / Gold Learning Option.

  • To qualify for Learning Action Pack in Partner Center, you must have at least one (1) MCT. You don’t need to meet any other learning KPIs.
  • To activate your Learning Action Pack, use the following steps:
    1. Buy or renew a Microsoft Action Pack subscription.
    2. Contact the Partner Frontline Support team to help you set up a new account profile. This will give you access to the Microsoft Courseware training in the Courseware Marketplace.

Enroll with a silver competency Learning option

Learning partners who want to attain a silver level of membership can enroll in the Silver Learning option associated with a specific competency. To do so, they need to meet the Silver Learning option requirements for that specific competency.


To learn more about which competencies offer a Silver or Gold Learning option, see the latest competencies page.

To qualify and enroll in a specific silver competency’s Learning option, review that competency’s silver requirements to make sure you meet them. Then, follow these steps:

  • Commit to the Performance Requirements outlined in the Learning Program Performance Guidelines. These guidelines are available from the Learning Resources site.

  • Meet the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Requirements

  • Meet the Exam Requirements

  • Learn how to subscribe to the silver competency level. This article on competency fee payment may also be useful.

Enroll with a gold competency Learning option

Before you can enroll with the gold competency Learning option, you need to make sure you meet that specific competency’s gold-level Learning option requirements.

Enrolling in (or renewing) a gold competency Learning option has different requirements than enrolling in the Learning Action Pack or silver competency Learning option. To meet the requirements for a gold competency Learning option also requires you to meet that competency’s gold-level Learning KPI requirements. If you haven’t met the KPIs or any other requirements, you must enroll in the Learning Action Pack or Silver option depending on the level of requirements met, if you want to become a Learning Partner.


You may already be enrolled in a new competency and have already achieved the silver-learning Learning option requirements for that competency. If you then want to go on to attain the gold level Learning option for that competency, you still need to meet that competency’s gold-level KPIs and other, gold-level requirements. Once the gold-level requirements are met, you may be able to take advantage of the MPN Offer- upgrade silver-to-gold discount.

Frequently asked questions about Learning Partner enrollment

Q. Do I need to submit a Business Application Plan in Partner Center to enroll in a Learning option?

No. In Partner Center, a Business Application Plan is not required to attain a competency through the Learning option. You do need to meet Learning KPIs from the first year of enrollment.

Q: If I am a net-new partner and decide to buy courseware, trainings, or certifications before applying for the Learning Option, will the KPIs be recognized by Partner Center automatically?

Yes, the KPIs should be recognized in Partner Center.

Q. Where should I go in case there is a discrepancy between KPIs in Partner Center under the Learning Option and my KPI Dashboard?

Contact Partner Frontline Support. You'll need to provide the following details (from your KPI dashboard) to help us track your KPIs:

  • Month
  • Year
  • OMLP type
  • Purchase unit
  • Invoice #
  • KPI value
  • Revenue value

KPI reports are updated once a month during the middle of the month. Learning Program renewal eligibility is measured for KPIs attained during the previous 12 months of performance activity, based on your anniversary date. For example, starting January 15, 2020, KPI data would be displayed for the period of January 2019 to December 2019. If your invoice was dated January 2020, the corresponding KPIs would be visible starting February 15, 2019. Order confirmations and partner reports will not be accepted. Only actual invoices will be accepted.

Q. Does a one-day training equate to one KPI?

Meeting a KPI does not relate to the duration of the training. To learn more about how KPIs are measured, check the performance examples in the Learning Partner Enrollment Guide.

Q. Why don’t I appear as a Microsoft Learning Partner in the Learning Partner directory?

We may need to add you to the Learning Partner directory. You can then link to your website from the Learning Partner directory page.

This is a manual process that is submitted only once per month, during the third week. The subsequent update will be visible by the end of the first week of the following month. To help you resolve the situation, contact Partner Frontline Support. Be prepared to provide the following details:

  • The name that should appear on the directory

  • The associated country

  • The URL for the associated, Microsoft-themed landing page


    The URL should be to a partner-owned website with a Microsoft landing page. The Microsoft-specific page must also:

    • Be about "Partner X" only
    • Show no competitors
    • Be owned by by "Partner X"

Next steps

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