Pricing and offers

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To see the latest Cloud Solution Provider program pricelists and offers go to Sell > Pricing and Offers. You will find separate pricelists for license-based services, such as Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Enterprise Mobility Suite, and for usage-based services which includes Azure.

The offers list includes the different product families that can be purchased through the Partner Center. These currently include Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Azure. This list will grow.

Within each of these product families there are different SKUs and product bundles available to you to sell depending on your business. You can always access the latest details on each of these using the Cloud Reseller Offer Matrix which is available on the Pricing and offers page.

Pricelist preview and change frequency

License-based services includes a pricelist preview, provided 30 days in advance of any changes. To see the pricelist preview, go to Sell > Pricing and offers. There is no price preview for usage-based services since these services are dynamic. The following table explains how to read the pricelist table.

Item Definition
ADD A new item to the pricelist
CHG Changes in list price from month to month. Other changes not related to list price may occur, partners should compare other properties from month to month to determine other changes.
DEL An item removed from the pricelist
UNC List price unchanged from the previous month's pricelist
Valid from date The first date an offer can be ordered
Valid to date The last date an offer can be ordered
Offer display name The customer facing name for the offer
Offer ID The internal identifier for the offer
License agreement type This will be either corporate, government, or academic and determines which customer types the offer can be sold to.
Purchase unit The duration of offer being purchased. This is typically one month.
Secondary license type This will be either non-specific, add-on, or trial. Add-on indicates that there are prerequisite products the customer must purchase before puchasing the add-on.
End customer type Relates back to license agreement type: corporate licence - cloud reseller corporate, government license - cloud relseller governemnt, or academic license - cloud reseller faculty or cloud reseller student
List price The price the partner will pay
ERP price The estimated or recommended retail price to the customer

Price changes

Price changes are a common occurrence. Partners can anticipate price changes for license-based offers by looking at the price list preview on the Pricing and Offers page on the Partner Center dashboard . Azure usage-based pricing has no preview. Partners can keep up with Azure consumption price changes by using the RateCard API which returns that day's meter pricing.

Type of product Product examples Preview available Change details
License-based Office, Dynamics, Intune, Windows Enterprise 30-day List price changes marked CHNG in preview price lists
Usage-based Azure resources Not available Change log available in previous month's price list's Change History tab
Software Not available Compare price lists manually from month to month
Reservations Virtual machines, pre-paid Not available Compare price lists manually from month to month

Usage-based prices can change throughout a month. To get 'current' daily pricing for these Azure resources, partners need to call the RateCard API.


Subscription price changes apply only during a renewal. A partner's monthly charge is determined at the price of purchase, or the price at the time of creating a subscription. If a price increases or decrease after the annual term is acquired, the partner is not charged the changed price until the renewal - typically at the 12-month term.

Pricing and special segments

CSP offers some services to special market segments , for example, education, non-profit and government community cloud. Not all services are available in all channels. No segment defaults to what we call the 'commercial' segment. All license-based pricing is available in the license-based price list on the Pricing and Offers page. Azure Gov pricing is available in the usage-based price list when signed into the Azure Gov enabled CSP tenant.

Segment who needs to qualify Partner qualifies customer Enabled product types
Education Customer No, customer qualification will be performed by Microsoft License-based only
Non-profit Customer No, customer qualifies outside of Partner Center License-based only
Government Community Cloud (GCC) Partner and customer Once GCC enabled, partner can create GCC customers License-based only
Azure gov Partner Once qualified, partner operates in a CSP tenant specific to Azure gov Azure resources

Partner margins, the difference between the list price and the estimated retail prices, may vary from segment to segment. Typically, education and non-profit tend to have lower or no margins for CSP partners. Refer to the license-based price list for exact values.

Pricing between Azure and non-Azure

Pricing differs across different types of offers. License-based pricing is typically the amount per seat (license) for a given month. Usage-based pricing is determined by use of a given resource, with an associated meter id. Partners are not charged for acquiring the Azure subscription but are charged for resources consumed by different deployments under the subscription. Pricing in the usage-based price list is organized around different resource meter ids in Azure.

Azure reservations are term-based purchases for the particular resource type - Virtual Machines. Purchasing an Azure reservation enables a partner to pre-pay (one- or three-year terms) and reserve a given virtual machine. This saves the partner money and ensures their virtual machine is always available for the duration of the term. A partner can align the reservation they want against the usage-based resource meter ids. The meter ids are consistent across the resource, whether the partner is purchasing a virtual machine or simply deploying the virtual machine as a usage-based resource.

Offers matrix

Read about the different SKUs and product bundles available to you to sell on the Cloud Reseller Offer Matrix, located on the Pricing and offers page. The offers matrix includes which offers are available per locale. If an item is on the pricelist but not yet listed on the offer matrix, it means that the products cannot yet be ordered. As soon as they are available to order, the offers matrix is updated.

For CSP partners who use the the Partner Center Software Development Kits (SDKs). Microsoft also publishes a list of the Azure Services in CSP on the Pricing and offers page.

Offers matrix and pricelist questions

If you have questions about the pricelist or offer matrix, submit a service request through the Partner Center.