Transaction history

Appropriate roles:

  • Incentives: Account admin | Global Admin | Incentive admin | Incentive User
  • Marketplace / Store: Account owner | Financial Contributor


You'll only see data for MPN IDs and programs that you're associated with. If you want to see additional data, work with your account administrator for permissions.

Transaction history page

The Transaction history page shows the summary of your earnings, estimated next payment, and your earnings and payments trend over the past 36 months. You can also download transaction details from this section.

This report shows all earnings eligible for payout, including payments not yet sent. Earnings are eligible for payout when an ISV has completed all bank and tax information in Partner Center, has earned >$50, the ISV account is active, and the customer has been billed (for EA transactions) or the payment has been received (for non-EA transactions).

  • Earnings sent this year – Total earnings and breakdown of earnings that have been paid and will be paid in the upcoming month.
  • Estimated payment month – Total earnings expected in the upcoming months.
  • Earnings and payment trend – Monthly earning and payment amounts for the past 36 months.
  • Download – Download transaction details in .csv or .tsv format.

Use the date range selection at the top-right corner of the page to filter the output of the page to show the past 3, 6, 12, or 36 months. Or, select a custom date range up to 36 months. The default date range is 12 months. You can also filter by Enrollment ID, Program, Payment ID, Earning type, Lever, and Status. Data is available for the current fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) and the previous two fiscal years.

To see more details about an earning, select the down arrow at the right-hand side of the page. Doing so will display the lever, revenue amount, product, and customer. If for some reason any of this data is unavailable, but you need access to it, contact support. If the earning is the result of an adjustment, and not a transaction, the Product and Customer fields won't be displayed.

Transaction history summary

This view shows earning details, including the origin of the earning from the product sold earning dates, status, and estimated payment month.

Transaction history.

  • Earned date – The date of purchase.
  • Earning type – The type of earning, such as Sell, Rebate, or Co-op.
  • Total amount – The net earning amount. In the commercial marketplace, this means after deducting the standard marketplace fee.
  • Status – Has three options:
  • Upcoming – Earnings are in pending cooling period.
    • Processed – Earnings are prepared for next payment.
    • Sent – Earnings have been paid.
  • Estimated payment month – The month the earnings are expected to be paid. See the next section for more information.

Earning transactions are shown once the transaction meets payout eligibility. To understand why you might have missing or unexpected earnings, see Common questions about commercial marketplace payouts.

Estimated payment month

The Transaction History page now includes a table showing your estimated payment amounts for the next few months. You can also view and download this information in the Transaction history and Summary report exports. This information makes reconciliations and payment projections easier.

The Estimated payment month is calculated based on program configuration rules and timelines, and is processed in the next/upcoming payment cycle.

Estimated payment month is currently available for all earning types except co-op, which will display as Not applicable. For earnings before July 1, 2020, the Estimated payment month will appear as Not available.

The following table shows an estimated payment month example.

Month Amount
Sep-2020 $7,273.99
Oct-2020 $8,692.30
Nov-2020 $107.89

The estimated amount may vary from the actual amount for a variety of reasons:

  • Earning restatement: If earnings are recalculated, the actual amount will be different
  • Adjustments: The actual amount varies depending on adjustments that occurred or were submitted.
  • Rules Change: A change in rules may reflect recalculation in actual amount paid
  • Payable: If payment failure occurs, the actual amount could be different

Note that your payment is only released in the projected month if your program’s threshold and payment eligibility rules are met. These rules include but aren't limited to the list below:

  • Your tax profile must be up to date
  • Your earnings must meet or exceed the minimum earning threshold defined in your program guide.
  • Payout on hold: If you select the “Hold my Payment” option on the profiles assignment page.
  • Payout instrument not available: Payment or/and Tax profile isn't completed.

Transaction history download

To see more details about an earning, select Download. The following table explains each column in the report.

Column name Description Applicability for incentive programs/ marketplaces
agreementEndDate Agreement end date Applicable for Enterprise agreement based programs only
agreementNumber Agreement number Incentive programs. Applicable for Enterprise Agreement based setup only.
agreementStartDate Start date of the agreement Applicable for Enterprise agreement based programs only
bucketSize Indicates the bucket-size for milestone based programs Incentive programs only
calculationDate Date the earning was calculated in the system All
claimId Claim identity number generated at the time of POE submission in the Claim management page (or) planId in the Plan management page (or) CPOR claim. Incentive programs only
customerCountry Customer country/region marketplaces
customerEmail End customer email ID Marketplace
customerName May be blank Incentive programs only (exception: OEM) and marketplaces. For CSP transactions, marketplaces will show the name of the CSP
customerTenantId Tenant ID of the end customer Available for all new commerce transactions, usage based incentives and Marketplace
desktopCount Number of desktops per agreement Applicable for Enterprise agreement based programs only
distributorId Distributor identifier Incentives - some programs only
distributorName Distributor name Incentives - some programs only
earningAmount Earning Amount in the original transaction currency All
earningAmountInLastPaymentCurrency Earning amount in the last payment currency (field will be empty if no prior payments have been paid)
earningAmountUSD Earning Amount in USD All
earningDate Date of the earning All
earningExchangeRate Exchange rate used to show the corresponding USD amount All
earningId Unique identifier for each earning All
earningRate Incentives rate applied on transaction amount to generate an earning All
earningType Indicates if it is fee, rebate, co-op, sell, and so on All
engagementId Engagement Identifier Applicable for Microsoft Commerce Incentives
engagementName Engagement name Applicable for Microsoft Commerce Incentives
estimatedPaymentMonth Month in which the earning is likely to be paid out. Determined based on transaction date. All
exchangeRateDate Exchange rate date used to calculate EarningAmount USD All
externalReferenceId Unique identifier for the program Direct Pay programs (incentives and marketplaces)
externalReferenceIdLabel Unique identifier label Direct Pay programs (incentives and marketplaces)
fundCategory Name of the fundCategory. Populated only for paid claims. Plan based OEM programs only
instantRebateAmount Total instant rebate applied on the invoice at the time of purchase. OEM Jumpstart Tier 1 only
invoiceDate Date of the invoice Available only for OEM Jumpstart Tier 1
invoiceNumber Invoice number (applicable for enterprise only) Incentives and marketplaces - some programs only
lastPaymentCurrency Last payment currency (field will be empty if no prior payment has been paid)
lever Indicates business rule for the earning All
LicensingProgramName Name of the licensing program
LineItemId Individual line in a customer's invoice
localProviderSeller Local provider/seller of record
Maturity month The estimated payment month All
milestone Earning milestone attained Milestone based incentive programs
OrderId Relates to a customer's invoice marketplaces
parentProductId Unique parent product identifier. If there isn't a parent product for the transaction, then Parent Product ID = Product ID. marketplaces
parentProductName Name of the parent product. If there isn't a parent product for the transaction, then Parent Product Name = Product Name. marketplaces
participantId The primary identity of the partner earning under the program All
participantIdType Mostly program ID for incentive programs and Seller IF for marketplaces All
participantName Name of the earning partner All
partnerCountryCode Location/country/region of the earning partner All
partNumber Will always be blank Some incentive programs and marketplaces
paymentId Unique identifier to correlate all transactions in the transaction report with a specific payment in the payment report All
paymentStatus Payment status All
paymentStatusDescription Friendly description of payment status All
productId Unique product identifier marketplaces
productName Product name linked to the transaction All
productType Type of product, such as App, Add-on, or Game marketplaces
Program Code String to map with the program name
programName Incentive/store program name All
purchaseOrderCoverageEndDate Will always be blank Incentive program - CRI
purchaseOrderCoverageStartDate Will always be blank Incentive program - CRI
purchaseOrderType Type of purchase e.g. BEC, TUP, NE orders Applicable for Enterprise agreement based programs only
purchaseTypeCode Will always be blank Incentive program - CRI
purchaseTypeName The Purpose of Purchase Type is to group together Sales Transactions that have similar purchase time methods. Applicable for Enterprise agreement based programs only
quantity Varies based on program. Indicates billed quantity for transactional programs All
reasonCode Reason for adjustments All
resellerId Reseller identifier Incentives - some programs only
resellerName Reseller name
resourceId The identity of the customer resource managed by partner. Available only for certain cases like Business Applications usage as PAL association can only be at resource level.
SkuId SKU ID as defined during publishing. An offer may have many SKUs, but a SKU can only be associated with a single offer. Incentives - some programs only
storeFee The amount retained by Microsoft as a fee for making the app or add-on available in the Store marketplaces
subscriptionEndDate Subscription end date Incentives - some programs only
subscriptionId Subscription identifier associated with customer Incentives - some programs only
subscriptionStartDate Subscription start date Incentives - some programs only
taxRemitModel Party responsible for remitting taxes (sales, use, or VAT/GST taxes) marketplaces
taxRemitted Amount of tax remitted (sales, use, or VAT/GST taxes) marketplaces
taxState Customer's state
taxZipCode Customer's zip/postal code
tpan Indicates the third-party ad network marketplaces Ads only
transactionAmount Transaction amount in the original transaction currency based on which earning is generated All
transactionAmountUSD Transaction amount in USD All
transactionCountryCode Country/region code in which the transaction happened
transactionCurrency Currency in which the original customer transaction occurred (this is not partner location currency) All
transactionDate Date of the transaction. Useful for programs where many transactions contribute to one earning All
transactionExchangeRate Exchange rate date used to show the corresponding transaction USD amount All
transactionId Unique identifier for the transaction All
transactionPaymentMethod Customer payment instrument used for the transaction, such as Card, Mobile Carrier Billing, or PayPal marketplaces
transactionType Type of transaction, such as purchase, refund, reversal, or chargeback marketplaces
userCount Number of users per agreement Applicable for Enterprise agreement based programs only
workload Name of the workload, service name e.g. spo (for Sharepoint), powerbistandalone, Virtual Machines Available for Azure consumption and Modern Workplace/BizApps usage based incentives

Transaction adjustment codes

Adjustments refer to any corrections performed on earnings. Usually, adjustments do not have any references to a single transaction or usage instance. They are performed at a later stage, and you can understand the reason for an adjustment by referencing the reasonCode column in the download.

The following table lists reason codes for adjustments and their descriptions.

Reason code Description
AR Compliance Adjustment that reduces earnings when Microsoft invoices are not paid on time by the partner.
Co-op rollover Adjustment that transfers co-op earnings to another period, or converts co-op earnings to rebate.
Ops Adjustment Adjustment that corrects Microsoft system calculation errors.
Ops Adjustment Microsoft incorrect calc Adjustment that corrects miscalculations.
Ops Adjustment Microsoft incorrect enrollment Adjustment for enrollment-related miscalculations.
Partner mapping (subscription) MCI/CSP Adjustment that corrects subscription misalignment.
Policy Exception Adjustment that overrides a program rule.
Previous period earnings Adjustment for earnings outside of the current earning period.

Payment status

The following table explains the different earning statuses.

Earning status Reason Partner action required?
Unprocessed The earning is eligible for payment. It stays in this state for a cooling period as defined in the program guide for the Incentives program. No
Upcoming Payment order generated pending internal reviews before payment is processed. No
Pending tax invoice Your tax invoice is incomplete or invalid. You need to update your tax invoice before you can be paid
Rejected during review The payment was rejected during review. Contact Microsoft support for details
Failed The payment failed due to a Microsoft system error. Contact Microsoft support for details
In progress The payment is in progress. No
Incorrect payment The payment recouping is in progress. No
Sent The payment has been sent to your bank. No
Reprocessing The payment encountered a Microsoft system error and is being reprocessed. No
Reversed The payment was reversed by your bank and will be sent again in the next payment cycle. No
Tax invoice rejected Your tax invoice was rejected during review. All pending payments will be on hold until the tax invoice review is complete. Contact Microsoft support for details
Tax invoice under review Your tax invoice is being reviewed. Your payment will be released once the tax invoice has been approved. No
Rejected The payment was rejected by your bank. Contact your bank for details.

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