PlayReady on Windows

PlayReady on Windows 10, 8.1

For Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications, Microsoft provides a PlayReady SDK integrated in the Windows SDK. For more information about PlayReady on UWP applications, see the documentation on the Windows Dev Center.

For Windows Store applications (Windows 8.1), Microsoft also provides a PlayReady SDK. For the Windows 8.1 reference, see Developing PlayReady Windows Store and Web Apps.

PlayReady on Window 7, MacOS

Some Microsoft Partners provide SDKs to run PlayReady on Windows 7 and Mac OS, based on Electron, Xamarin, or other technologies. You can contact these PlayReady Partners directly for more information.


The PlayReady Desktop PC SDK, designed for Desktop PC applications and previously used for Windows 7 applications, is deprecated and should not be used.

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