AssociatedMenuConfiguration ComplexType

Defines how the associated records are displayed for an entity relationship.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
Behavior AssociatedMenuBehavior

The behavior of the associated menu for an entity relationship.

Group AssociatedMenuGroup

The structure that contains extra data.

Label Label

The labelfor the associated menu.

Order Edm.Int32

The order for the associated menu.

IsCustomizable Edm.Boolean
Icon Edm.String
ViewId Edm.Guid
AvailableOffline Edm.Boolean
MenuId Edm.String
QueryApi Edm.String

Used by

The following use the AssociatedMenuConfiguration ComplexType.

Name How used
ManyToManyRelationshipMetadata Property
ManyToManyRelationshipMetadata Property
OneToManyRelationshipMetadata Property
ComplexManyToManyRelationshipMetadata Property
ComplexManyToManyRelationshipMetadata Property
ComplexOneToManyRelationshipMetadata Property

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