OrganizationDetail ComplexType

Provides detailed information on an organization.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
OrganizationId Edm.Guid

The global unique identifier of the organization.

FriendlyName Edm.String

The friendly name of the organization.

OrganizationVersion Edm.String

The version of the organization.

EnvironmentId Edm.String
DatacenterId Edm.Guid
Geo Edm.String
TenantId Edm.String
UrlName Edm.String

The organization name used in the URL for the organization web service.

UniqueName Edm.String

The unique name of the organization.

Endpoints EndpointCollection

Collection that identifies the service type and address for each endpoint of the organization.

State OrganizationState

The state of the organization.

Used by

The following use the OrganizationDetail ComplexType.

Name How used
RetrieveCurrentOrganizationResponse Property

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