Create a rule in canvas apps

Create rules to automatically modify an app based on criteria that you specify. For example, show list items in red, yellow, or green based on their status, or show an approval button only for certain users (such as managers). You can add rules to a variety of controls. In this topic, you'll add a rule to change the text color of a Label control if the value of a Slider control is greater than 70.


Effective October 14, 2019, the rules feature in canvas apps is deprecated. More information: Blog: Canvas Rules feature deprecation.

Add a rule

  1. Select a control (or add a control and leave it selected).

    For this topic, add a label and a slider, set the label's Text property to Slider1.Value, and then select the slider.

  2. In the right-hand panel, click or tap Rules, and then click or tap New rule.

    Create new rule.

    If you select a control for which one or more rules has already been defined, you can edit any of them if you click or tap it.

Add a condition

A condition is an expression that evaluates to true or false, such as whether a value is greater than 70. You can write the expression based on a template or start from scratch, and you can customize the expression based on guidance in the UI (Intellisense).

  1. Click or tap Add a condition, and then click a template or Custom condition.

    For this topic, click or tap Greater than.

    Add condition.

  2. Update the expression to define when the rule applies.

    For this topic, change 0 to 70 to get this expression:
    Slider1.Value > 70

Add an action

Actions define what happens when the rule is applied. Power Apps can create actions automatically based on changes you make to controls.

  1. Click or tap Define actions.

    Define actions.

  2. In the confirmation dialog box, click or tap Let's go so that Power Apps will capture your next change or changes as one or more actions.

  3. Configure one or more controls to match your expectations when the condition is true.

    For this topic, change the color of the label.

    Capture properties.

  4. (optional) Review your changes by clicking or tapping Show actions.

    Review actions.

  5. When you finish adding actions, click or tap Done.

  6. Review the condition and actions for the rule.

    Review rule.

Rename the rule

  1. Hover over Rule1 and click or tap the edit button.

    Hover over rule name.

  2. Enter a new name for the rule.

    Rename rule.

  3. Click or tap Done to dismiss the editor.

Test the rule

  1. Preview the app by pressing F5 (or by clicking the play button near the upper-right corner).

    Open preview.

  2. Make the condition that you specified true, and then confirm that the actions work as you expect.

    For this topic, set the slider to a value that's greater than 70, and confirm that the label text changes color.

See all rules

By default, the Rules tab shows only the rules for the selected control and all child controls that are used in a rule condition or action. To show all rules in the app, clear the Show rules for this control only check box.

Remove filter.

Known limitations

As of this writing:

  • You can't specify the ThisItem property of a form or a gallery as part of a condition.