Extract attributes from window elements

The Get details of a UI element in window action enables users to retrieve the values of various attributes that window elements may have.

These values can be used in various operations, such as managing windows by their handles and closing windows through their process IDs.

Screenshot of the Get details of a UI element in window action.

Apart from the four predefined attributes that the action provides, you also retrieve the following attributes:

Attribute Description
Acceleratorkey The accelerator key combinations for the automation element.
Accesskey The access key that allows you to quickly navigate to the web server control.
bulktext The text of the element regardless of whether the element or its subelements are hidden or not.
class The class of the element.
controltype The control tyoe of the element.
haskeyboardfocus Indicates whether the element has keyboard focus
helptext The help text of the element.
id The id of the element.
iscontentelement Indicates whether the element is a content element.
iscontrolelement Indicates whether the element is a control element.
Iskeyboardfocusable Indicates whether the element is keyboard focusable.
isoffscreen Indicates whether the element is visible on the screen.
ispassword Indicates whether the element is a password.
localizedcontroltype A localized description of the control type.
name The name of the element.
parentwindowhandle The handle of the parent window.
processid The process ID of the parent window.
processname The process name of the parent window.
windowtitle The title of the parent window.