Request or grant access to shared dashboards or reports

If someone sends you a link to a dashboard or a report, but it's not shared with you, you can request access.

Request access

  1. Select the link to the report or dashboard. If you see a "Request access" message, select OK.

    Request access message

  2. In the Request access dialog box, you can provide a reason, or just select Send request.

    Submit an access request

    You see a confirmation that Power BI has sent your request.

Grant access

If you're a report owner, you may receive an email from Microsoft Power BI saying that someone has requested access to your report.

Email requesting access

  1. Select Grant access.

    The user’s Pending access request opens automatically. Select Approve to grant the user Read permissions to the report.

    Screenshot of Share report access request.

  2. After you've approved the user’s request, you can select the Direct access tab to modify their permissions and give them Reshare permissions as well.

    Screenshot of Add reshare permission.

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