Connect to Project Online data through Power BI Desktop

You can connect to data in Project Online through Power BI Desktop.

Step 1: Download Power BI Desktop

  1. Download Power BI Desktop, then run the installer to get Power BI Desktop on your computer.

Step 2: Connect to Project Online with OData

  1. Open Power BI Desktop.

  2. On the Welcome screen, select Get data.

  3. Choose OData Feed and select Connect.

  4. Enter the address for your OData feed in the URL box, and then click OK.

    If the address for your Project Web App site resembles https://<tenantname>, then the address you’ll enter for your OData Feed is https://<tenantname>

    For our example, we’re using:

  5. Power BI Desktop will prompt you to authenticate with your work or school account. Select Organizational account and then enter your credentials.

    Screenshot of the Power B I Desktop, showing the credentials prompt to connect.

The account you use to connect to the OData feed must have at least Portfolio Viewer access to the Project Web App site.

From here, you can choose which tables you would like to connect to and build a query. Want an idea of how to get started? The following blog post shows how to build a burn down chart from your Project Online data. The blog post refers to using Power Query to connect to Project Online, but this applies to Power BI Desktop as well.

Creating burn down charts for Project using Power Pivot and Power Query