Power BI for consumers

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The way you interact with Power BI will depend on your job role. As an end user or consumer, you are the person who receives dashboards, reports, and apps from colleagues. You work in Power BI service to review and interact with this content in order to make business decisions.

Power BI dashboard

If you're new to Power BI, we recommend first reading the Power BI overview. There you'll learn about the set of tools that make up Power BI.

As a consumer, you won't have access to the full capabilities of Power BI -- and that's ok, because your job isn't to build dashboards and reports. Your job is to use Power BI for analysis, monitoring, exploration, and decision-making.

As you read through the articles for consumers, you'll learn the terminology, you'll get a tour of Power BI service, figure out how to navigate to content, and then learn how to interact with that content. So let's get started!

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