Favorite dashboards, reports, and apps in the Power BI service

APPLIES TO: Applies to.Power BI service for business users Applies to.Power BI service for designers & developers Does not apply to.Power BI Desktop Applies to.Requires Pro or Premium license

When you make content a favorite, you can access it quickly from the Favorites content list and from Power BI Home > Favorites + frequents. Favorites are typically content that you visit most often and are identified with a filled star.

Favorites icon

Favorites + frequents icon

Add a dashboard or report as a favorite

  1. Open a dashboard or report that you use often. Even content that has been shared with you can be a favorite.

  2. From the upper menu bar of the Power BI service, select Favorite or the star Star icon icon.

    Favorite icon

    You can also favorite a dashboard or report from anywhere you see the star icon, such as Home, Recent, Apps, and Shared with me.

    Dashboard tab with yellow star

Add an app as a favorite

  1. From the nav pane, select Apps.


  2. Hover over an app to display more detail. Select the star Screenshot showing mouse hover over a report and the favorites icon. icon to set as a favorite.

    Hover over app

Work with favorites

  1. To access your favorites, select the flyout arrow to the right of Favorites. From here, you can select a favorite to open it. Up to five favorites are listed alphabetically. If you have more than five, select See all to open the favorites content list.

    Favorites flyout

  2. To see all the content that you've added as favorites, in the nav pane, select Favorites or the Favorites Screenshot showing all current favorites. icon.

    Favorites window

    From here, you can take action. You can open a favorite, identify owners, and even share favorites with your colleagues.

Unfavorite content

If you no longer use a report as often as you used to, you can unfavorite it. When you unfavorite content, it's removed from your Favorites list but not from Power BI.

  1. In the nav pane, select Favorites to open the Favorites screen.

    Favorites screen

  2. Select the black star next to the content you want to unfavorite.


You can also unfavorite a dashboard, a report, or an app. Just open and select the black star to turn it back to a white star.

Limitations and considerations

At the current time, you can favorite an app and this automatically favorites all the reports and dashboards for that app. It isn't possible to favorite individual app reports or dashboards.

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