Step 1: Register an app with Azure AD

This article is part of a step-by-step walkthrough to push data into a dataset.

The first step to push data into a Power BI dataset is to register your app in Azure AD. You need to do this first so that you have a Client ID that identifies your app in Azure AD. Without a Client ID, Azure AD cannot authenticate your app.

NOTE: Before you register an app for Power BI, you need to Sign up for Power BI.

Here are the steps to register an app in Azure AD.

Register an app in Azure AD

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign in with your existing account, and sign into your Power BI account.
  3. Enter an App Name such as "Sample push data app".
  4. For App Type, choose Native app.
  5. Enter a Redirect URL, such as For a Native client app, a redirect uri gives Azure AD more details on the specific application that it will authenticate. The standard Uri for a client app is
  6. For Choose APIs to access, choose Read and Write All Datasets. For all Power BI app permissions, see Power BI Permissions.
  7. Click Register app, and save the Client ID that was generated. A Client ID identifies the app in Azure AD.

Here's how your Register an Application for Power BI page should look:

Register app

The next step shows you how to get an authentication access token.

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