Find your dashboards, reports, and apps in the Power BI mobile apps

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iPhones iPads Android phones Android tablets Windows 10 devices

Your dashboards, reports, and apps are stored in different locations in the Power BI mobile apps, depending on where they came from. This article explains what you'll find where. Plus you can always search for anything you have in Power BI.

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  1. Favorites
  2. Report servers (optional)
  3. Apps
  4. Shared with me
  5. Workspaces

1 Favorites

Collect the dashboards and apps you view most often by tagging them as favorites. Read more about favorites in the Power BI mobile apps.

2 Report servers

You may have connections to one or more on-premises Power BI Report Server or SQL Server Reporting Services servers. If you do, the KPIs, Power BI reports, and paginated reports on the server show up here. If you've made any of them favorites on the server, they also show up in your Favorites list. Read more about viewing on-premises KPIs and reports in the Power BI mobile apps.

3 Apps

An app is a collection of dashboards and reports purpose-built by your organization to deliver key metrics for faster and easier data-driven decisions. In the Power BI service (, apps are easy to discover and install. After you install them, you can view them from any device.

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With apps you automatically get all the updates the author makes, and the author also controls how often the data is scheduled to refresh. You don't need to worry about keeping up-to-date with the author’s changes.

You can get back to the app content list by tapping the breadcrumb arrow to the right of the app name.

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Read more about apps in the Power BI service.

Get an app on a mobile device

In the Power BI mobile apps, you can view all the apps you've already installed. An app owner can send you a direct link to an app. When you click the link, the app downloads to your account and opens in the Power BI mobile app.

In the Power BI service, you can go to Microsoft AppSource to search for other apps, but not from the Power BI mobile apps.

4 Shared with me

Here you'll find dashboards that colleagues have shared with you. You can filter by the owner of the dashboard or search to find what you're looking for. For shared content you visit frequently, you can favorite it right from Shared with me by tapping the ellipsis (...).

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5 Workspaces

Also called App workspaces, these are staging environments in the Power BI service ( where you can collaborate with colleagues to create a collection of dashboards and reports. Then you distribute the collection as an app.

In the mobile apps, you can view and interact with content in any workspace where you're a member or an admin. You can't publish apps from workspaces in the mobile apps.

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Read more about apps in the Power BI service.

You can always search for your Power BI contents, from the Favorites, Apps, Shared with me, or Workspaces pages. The search results will show you all the dashboards, reports, and apps from every location that match your search.

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