Connect to Zendesk with Power BI

This article walks you through pulling your data from your Zendesk account with a Power BI template app. The Zendesk app offers a Power BI dashboard and a set of Power BI reports that provide insights about your ticket volumes and agent performance. The data is refreshed automatically once a day.

After you've installed the template app, you can customize the dashboard and report to highlight the information you care about most. Then you can distribute it as an app to colleagues in your organization.

Connect to the Zendesk template app or read more about the Zendesk integration with Power BI.

After you've installed the template app, you can change the dashboard and report. Then you can distribute it as an app to colleagues in your organization.


You need a Zendesk Admin account to connect. More details on requirements below.

How to connect

  1. Select Apps in the nav pane > select Get apps in the upper-right corner.

    Get apps icon

  2. In AppSource, select the Apps tab, and search for the service you want.

    Apps tab in AppSource

  1. Select Zendesk > Get it now.

  2. In Install this Power BI App? select Install.

  3. In the Apps pane, select the Zendesk tile.

    Power BI Zendesk app tile

  4. In Get started with your new app, select Connect.

    Get started with your new app

  5. Provide the URL associated with your account. The URL has the form See details on finding these parameters below.

    Connect to Zendesk

  6. When prompted, enter your Zendesk credentials. Select oAuth 2 as the Authentication Mechanism and click Sign In. Follow the Zendesk authentication flow. (If you're already signed in to Zendesk in your browser, you may not be prompted for credentials.)


    This template app requires that you connect with a Zendesk Admin account.

    Sign in with oAuth2

  7. Click Allow to allow Power BI to access your Zendesk data.

    Click Allow

  8. Click Connect to begin the import process.

  9. After Power BI imports the data, you see the content list for your Zendesk app: a new dashboard, report, and dataset.

  10. Select the dashboard to start the exploration process.

    Zendesk dashboard

Modify and distribute your app

You've installed the Zendesk template app. That means you've also created the Zendesk workspace. In the workspace, you can change the report and dashboard, and then distribute it as an app to colleagues in your organization.

  1. To view all the contents of your new Zendesk workspace, in the nav pane, select Workspaces > Zendesk.

    Zendesk workspace in the nav pane

    This view is the content list for the workspace. In the upper-right corner, you see Update app. When you're ready to distribute your app to your colleagues, that's where you'll start.

    Zendesk content list

  2. Select Reports and Datasets to see the other elements in the workspace.

    Read about distributing apps to your colleagues.

System requirements

A Zendesk Administrator account is required to access the Zendesk template app. If you're an agent or an end user and are interested in viewing your Zendesk data, add a suggestion and review the Zendesk connector in the Power BI Desktop.

Finding parameters

Your Zendesk URL will be the same as the URL you use to sign into your Zendesk account. If you're not sure of your Zendesk URL, you can use the Zendesk login help.


If you're having issues connecting, check your Zendesk URL and confirm you're using a Zendesk administrator account.

Next steps