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We recently revised the on-premises data gateway docs, splitting them into Power BI specific content and general content that applies to all services that the gateway supports. You're currently in the Power BI content. To provide feedback on this article, or the overall gateway docs experience, scroll to the bottom of the article.

Power BI

Question: Do I need to upgrade the personal gateway?
Answer: No, you can keep using the personal gateway for Power BI.

Question: Are any special permissions required to install the gateway and manage it in the Power BI service? Answer: No special permissions are required.

Question: Can I upload Excel workbooks with Power Pivot data models that connect to on-premises data sources? Do I need a gateway for this scenario?
Answer: Yes, you can upload the workbook. And, no, you don’t need a gateway. But, because the data will reside in the Excel data model, reports in Power BI based on the Excel workbook will not be live. In order to refresh reports in Power BI, you’d have to re-upload an updated workbook each time. Or, use the gateway with scheduled refresh.

Question: If users share dashboards that has a DirectQuery connection, will those other users be able to see the data even though they might not have the same permissions.
Answer: For a dashboard connected to Analysis Services, users will only see the data they have access to. If the users do not have the same permissions, they will not be able to see any data. For other data sources, all users will share the credentials entered by the admin for that data source.

Question: Why can't I connect to my Oracle server?
Answer: You may need to install the Oracle client and configure the tnsnames.ora file with the proper server information in order to connect to your Oracle server. This is a separate install outside of the gateway. For more information, see Installing the Oracle Client.

Question: Will the gateway work with ExpressRoute?
Answer: Yes. For more information about ExpressRoute and Power BI, see Power BI and ExpressRoute.

Question: I'm using R scripts. Is that supported? Answer: R scripts are supported only for personal mode.​

Analysis Services in Power BI

Question: Can I use msdmpump.dll to create custom effective username mappings for Analysis Services?
Answer: No. This is not supported at this time.

Question: Can I use the gateway to connect to a multidimensional (OLAP) instance.
Answer: Yes! The on-premises data gateway supports live connections to both Analysis Services Tabular and Multidimensional models.

Question: What if I install the gateway on a computer in a different domain from my on-premises server that uses Windows authentication?
Answer: No guarantees here. It all depends on the trust relationship between the two domains. If the two different domains are in a trusted domain model, then the gateway might be able to connect to the Analysis Services server and the effective user name can be resolved. If not, you may encounter a login failure.

Question: How can I find out what effective username is being passed to my on-premises Analysis Services server?
Answer: We answer this in the troubleshooting article.

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