Interact with a report in Editing View in Power BI

In report Editing View, you have lots of flexibility in exploring and designing a report. All the Reading View functionality is available -- plus lots more.

Functionality only available in Editing view

Take a look at the list of topics under the Reports header in the Table of Contents. It's a long list and many of the topics cover functionality only available if you have editing permissions for a report. To help you navigate the Table of Contents, Editing View is required for the following:

  • Creating, editing, renaming, sharing, and deleting reports.
  • Adding, renaming, rearranging, and deleting report pages.
  • Formatting reports.
  • Adding visualizations, text boxes, and shapes to a report.
  • Adding visual-level, page-level, and report-level filters and setting visual interactions.
  • Creating refresh schedules.

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