Organizational content packs: Copy, refresh, and get access


Have you heard about the new apps yet? Apps are the new way to distribute content to large audiences in Power BI. You create apps in app workspaces, which replace groups and group workspaces. We recommend using apps instead of organizational content packs or read-only workspaces. Learn more about apps.

When an organizational content pack is published, all recipients see the same dashboard, reports, Excel workbooks, datasets, and data (unless it's a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) data source). Only the content pack creator can edit and republish the content pack. However, all recipients can save a copy of the content pack that can live alongside the original.

Creating content packs is different from sharing dashboards or collaborating on them in a group. Read How should I collaborate on and share dashboards and reports? to decide on the best option for your situation.

Create a copy of an organizational content pack

Create your own copy of the content pack, not visible to others.

  1. Select the ellipsis (...) next to the content pack dashboard > Make a copy.

  2. Select Save.

Now you have a copy that you can change. Nobody else will see changes you make.

Help! I can no longer access the content pack

This can happen for several reasons:

  • Membership changes: Content packs are published to email distribution groups, security groups, and Power BI groups based on Office 365. If you are removed from the group, you will no longer have access to the content pack.
  • Distribution changes: The content pack creator changes the distribution. For example, if the content pack was originally published to the entire organization but the creator republished it to a smaller audience, you may no longer be included.
  • Security settings changes: If the dashboard and reports connect to on-premises SSAS data sources and changes are made to the security settings, your permissions to that server may be revoked.

How are organizational content packs refreshed?

When the content pack is created, the refresh settings are inherited with the dataset. When you create a copy of the content pack, the new version retains its link to the original dataset and its refresh schedule.

See Manage, update, and delete organizational content packs.

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