Display the Power BI dashboards that have been shared with me

Shared with me

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When a colleague shares a dashboard with you, its title is added to your Shared with me list. The dashboard is only available from Shared with me and not available from a workspace or from Apps.

Watch Amanda explain the Shared with me content list and demonstrate how to navigate and filter the list. Then follow the step-by-step instructions below the video to try it out yourself. For you to view dashboards shared with you, you need to have a Power BI Pro license. Read What is Power BI Premium? for details.

You'll have many options for interacting with the dashboard and underlying report, depending on the permissions the owner gives you. These include being able to make copies of the dashboard, open the report in Reading view, and re-share with other colleagues.

Actions available from the Shared with me screen

Filter shared dashboards by owner

The content in the Shared with me screen can be further filtered by content owner. For example, if I select Amanda, I see only the dashboard that Amanda has shared with me.

dashboard filtered by owner

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