Data lineage


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Admins, makers, or analysts, automatically This feature is released. Oct 1, 2019 Apr 2020

Feature details

BI professionals use Power BI today to build advanced analytical projects spanning numerous data sources, artifacts, and dependencies. Providing insights about the data lineage in these projects is key for shaping efficient work processes and for empowering users to better manage existing dependencies, derive the potential impact of planned changes in a project, and determine data lineage for important business KPIs. Data lineage insights also help BI professionals understand exactly where their data comes from and assess usage on various artifacts, such as popular data sets.

To further empower our Power BI users, we’re introducing a new experience for visualizing data lineage between different Power BI artifacts within a workspace and including cross-workspace dependencies, as well as deriving impact analysis for shared datasets. In addition, APIs to extract lineage information will be supported. This new experience makes it possible for Power BI professionals and admins to better understand the relationships between artifacts and more easily manage Power BI projects in their organization.

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