Smoother on-ramps for Power Automate and Power Apps


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Admins, makers, or analysts, automatically - - Oct 2020

Feature details

Customers are looking to build better, more-integrated apps that seamlessly work with existing capabilities in the Microsoft Power Platform; however, integrating the Power Apps and Power Automate together to make a more robust application can be a challenging experience for a maker.

We are planning a more integrated solution for Power Automate within Power Apps that utilizes existing Power Automate widget solutions to onboard users and more easily add a flow into a canvas app from within the studio experience. The widget would help makers get started by providing inline templates for popular scenarios, considering the context and the data sources with which the user is working. The goal is to provide users with a fully integrated experience, so that they can create and add a flow to Power Apps completely in context.

Power Apps and flows

After the flow is added, there will be first-class knowledge of the flow in the app itself. This means the app can automatically respond to changes in the connections or parameters in the flow. Users will never need to delete and re-add the flow from their app to make it work after changes in the flow.