Overview of Power BI 2021 release wave 2


Some of the functionality described in this release plan has not been released. Delivery timelines may change and projected functionality may not be released (see Microsoft policy). Learn more: What's new and planned

Microsoft business intelligence helps drive a data culture where everyone at every level of an organization can make confident decisions with data at any scale. To enable organizations to drive a data culture, we're investing in three key areas:

  • Empower every individual with instantly familiar experiences and AI-infused insights.
  • Empower every team with BI woven into the fabric of where teams work, making data a standard part of every decision and turning insights into actions.
  • Empower every organization to meet the most demanding enterprise needs for scalability and governance.

Empower every individual

Power BI continues to innovate and make it easier than ever for everyone to work with data. To build a data culture, every single individual needs to have instantly familiar experiences combined with easy-to-discover insights. Whether that involves authors creating reports by using the free Power BI Desktop tool, or consumers exploring data in the Power BI service and mobile applications, or individuals in Microsoft 365 using data to make better decisions, Power BI makes it easy and delightful to work with data. Power BI has taken advantage of a lot of the AI advancements in Microsoft Research to help our users find patterns in the vast amounts of data and insights that are readily available to use. Power BI will continue to empower every business user and business analyst to get amazing insights with AI-infused experiences. To ensure that those insights are available to everyone in the organization, wherever they are and in context, we developed the world-leading mobile BI app and provided embedded capabilities for your applications, websites, and portals. This empowers individuals across an organization to drive and grow the data culture.

Empower every team

Power BI makes data a standard part of every team's decision-making by deeply integrating BI into the places where teams work and infusing it into the most common collaboration experiences. Power BI integration in Microsoft Teams will continue to mature, deepening the integration in channels, chats, and notifications within Microsoft Teams. In addition, customers have told us that they value the ability to quickly move from insight to action to automation. Microsoft Power Platform makes this uniquely possible with Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate. These products are natively designed to work together to make it easy for customers to adapt quickly to changing business requirements. Insights become more valuable as they're shared, and by integrating Power BI deeply with Office 365 (Microsoft Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, and more) we bring insights to where everyone works and collaborates.

Empower every organization

Power BI can scale to meet the most demanding needs of large enterprise customers. With the centralized administration, governance, and industry-leading security capabilities in Power BI, IT always has full visibility and control. Power BI Premium provides unmatched capabilities in a single integrated BI platform without requiring customers to string together and integrate multiple products with high costs and disjointed experiences. With Power BI Premium, we bring capabilities that were previously only available to professional data engineers in IT organizations to analysts, accelerating time to value and helping put more power in the hands of business. This balance between business and IT is one of the reasons why the world's largest organizations are increasingly standardizing on Power BI and moving away from expensive, legacy BI products. With each release, Power BI Premium adds features that help organizations accelerate the delivery of insights at scale. These investments span many areas, such as Microsoft-owned resource management, auto-scale and pay-as-you-go pricing, advanced self-service data prep, interactive experiences over big data, and meeting advanced security and governance requirements.

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