Public preview of the next generation Power BI dataflows


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Sep 2022 -

Business value

Dataflows are a self-service, cloud-based data preparation technology that helps customers bring the world's data into Power BI. BI creators of dataflows, for example, can promote reusability of data transformation and reduce load on data sources by centralizing data prep tasks into dataflows that other BI creators can take advantage of when building datasets in Power BI, Excel workbooks, and more.

Feature details

A new generation of Power BI dataflows will improve on existing experiences and features in the following ways:

  • The autosave dataflow feature automatically saves any edits to dataflows to the cloud, into a draft dataflow, so you can continue editing the dataflow at a later time.
  • The background publishing feature will defer query validation to the background, allowing customers to "Publish the dataflow" without waiting for the potentially lengthy validation process to complete. If any validation errors are encountered, they're reported through the dataflow experience.
  • An improved dataflow debugging and monitoring experience reduces the time it takes to investigate and fix refresh errors.
  • Support for loading dataflow output to new destinations.
  • Support for loading data from data sources in VNets.